[LAD] CV data protocol in apps.

alex stone compose59 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 09:54:08 UTC 2010

As a power user who's modestly (just kidding) keen on saving time,
using great workflow, and avoiding as much of the drudgery of editing
work over and over again to get an end result as is possible, i've had
the privilege and pleasure of testing and working with a data protocol
called CV, or control voltage, in these last 2 weeks.

Non-Daw, and it's new buddy Non-Mixer, enable me to write function
data in ND control sequences, or "lanes" at will. From my POV it's
like turbo automation, and i'm still surprised and delighted at how
easy and FAST it is to work with. Without the multiple complexity that
is midi, in a simple 1:1 format, this is a very clever way to handle
automated data between apps, imho.

I ask Devs who are building up or modifying their linux audio and
video apps, if they could cast a brief eye over this protocol, and at
least spare a thought for the opportunities it offers to stream direct
data from one app to another. It seems to be an ideal solution for a
modular framework, without a lot of complexity involved. Best of all,
it uses jack ports to do the routing work, so there's no additional
work devs have to do, when trying to stream data across apps. I know
some of you will be familiar with this protocol, so this quick note
could be considered a reminder. :)

Non-Daw, and Non-Mixer are CV capable, and i can enthusiastically
testify to the system working very well indeed.

I guess you could call this a quick heads up for a community interapp
opportunity, and given the recent resurgence of the Session discussion
(woohoo), i'm thinking the CV protocol might be complementary as a
component in such a framework, from a user's perspective.



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