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Sat Feb 20 22:22:38 UTC 2010

To all, for your information.

I have received the following message from Mr. Nick Copeland.
It was sent privately, but since this is the continuation of 
a thread on this list and the person concerned has well gone
beyond any reasonable limits of decent behaviour I feel free
to post it here.

*** Start included message ***

The last time I looked at the AMS source code I was under the impression
that the Moog VCF filters were not actually yours, they were Tossavainen
and Kellets. They were published eventually placed on musicdsp.org however
there are a couple of things here:

1. In their original publishing they did not advocate the use of
quantisation of their parameters - you implemented this as an
adaptation of their algorithm.

2. In not quoting the original authors you are plagiarism them.
In the source to AMS they are quoted however it is bit disingenious
to imply that this was 'your' MoogVCF.

In short you did not actually write the 'Moog' VCF parts and
suggesting that this is how their algorithms worked is just
attempting to justify quantisation to 1/16 is not deleterious
to quality which is definitely not attributable to the original

>From what you are saying I would like to just say you are an
arrogant selfpublicist however base on the claims in your email
you are actually a lying plagiarst.

Regards nick.

*** End included message ***


O tu, che porte, correndo si ?
E guerra e morte !

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