[LAD] ambisonics UHJ encoder

alex stone compose59 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 13:37:53 UTC 2010

Jorn, Fons, i'm looking for a ladspa UHJ encoder, and can't seem to
find one. Any idea if such a beast exists? Or if there's a standalone
instance or ambdec preset i can use, and route in and out of?

Jorn ,i've had several browses over your web examples of using AMB
plugins with Ardour, and have reflected the setup where possible in
I'm using samples (ala LSampler) for noise, but i'll ask here, what's
the function of using the tetraproc mike plugin over something else?
I'm lost in your explanation.

I'm still getting my feet wet in ambisonics, and making plenty of
errors along the way, but progress seems imminent. (as it always does
i guess, for the optimistic among us.)

Some general questions.

When i use Jconvolver standalone (my preference) and test with a
*amb.conf, i get 1 input and 4 outputs WXYZ. Is this correct for 4
signals coming into 1, into the *amb.conf, or do i need to change this
to reflect individual WXYZ routing, from something like a MASTER
strip, or from an ambdec plugin in a channel strip? (i'm trying to get
the signal chain sorted out correctly.) i.e. 4 in, 4 out.

I'm using all mono ins for sound sources, and want to reflect
positioning in the busses, as i have multitrack 1st violins,
2ndviolins, etc...
So my 1st violins (4 monotracks) are going into a 1stviolin buss (4
ins) and in the buss signal chain, i'm adding a ladspa amb mono
panner, which naturally gives me 4 outs, then the chain continues to
the MASTER and jconvolver, back into a jconv buss in the mixer with
the intent of finally routing that to the UHJ buss...

Should i then stay "faithful" to that signal chain, and up to a UHJ
encode to stereo (which i hope is in ladspa existence) maintain the 4
port stream to stay compliant with WXYZ?

The intent with this is provide ambisonic positioning, and convolver
tail, right up until downsizing to stereo as the last part of the
signal chain.

I'm finding the challenge of this interesting, and may have more
questions as more of this slowly seeps into my head.

Feel free to point out obvious errors, or alternative (meaning
smarter) suggestions.



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