[LAD] What do you do for a living?

Erik de Castro Lopo mle+la at mega-nerd.com
Wed Nov 10 21:55:27 UTC 2010

Kris C wrote:

> I understand that a lot of you develop for free software and are 
> passionate at what you do.  But how do you pay the bills?

I'm a professional software engineer working for a small VC funded
startup that is has been breaking even for about a year now and
will hopefully take off really soon.

All the stuff I do is coded on and running on Linux. A large
chunk of the code is C++, with some C and another quite large
chunk of code being a bunch of small utilities written in

In any given week I could be hacking on Linux device drivers,
writing networking code in C++ or writing utilities in Ocaml.

> Yeah, I'd like to work for Google, but who doesn't right? :)

Not me.

I've worked for large companies (SUN back in the early 2000s)
and small companies and I much prefer the small ones because 
I get to do a wider range of stuff, there's far, far less
bureaucracy and the management structure is flatter.

Erik de Castro Lopo

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