[LAD] Pet-Project announce: AutoMate alpha1

Harry Van Haaren harryhaaren at gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 00:38:19 UTC 2010

Hey guys,

I've recently been working on a small MIDI automation line editor, and I've
managed to get
it into a working condition. Its a C++ & GTK jobbie, see this blog post for
more info:

I've not announced this as usable yet, as I am aware that there are some
serious enough errors in it:
1. Drawing the GUI is not optimized and hogs resources. It always redraws
the whole graph, and also redraws when its not necessary.
2. I'm not at all experience with threaded programming, and hence am pretty
sure there's some threading possibilities to be explored.

I've worked on this project on my own so far, and while it has taught me a
lot, I think now I need to ask
for some assistance with regards getting it polished for "everyday-use"..

If anybody has interest and want's to pull the repo to find out if it works
for you, please provide feedback!
(I'm 50% sure the waf script will need some tweaking, and maybe some other
things too...)

Cheers for reading, -Harry
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