[LAD] What do you do for a living?

Brett McCoy idragosani at gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 17:04:50 UTC 2010

On Thu, Nov 11, 2010 at 11:58 AM, Camilo Polymeris <cpolymeris at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I understand that a lot of you develop for free software and are passionate
>> at what you do.  But how do you pay the bills?  What do you do for a living?
>>  Are you a student?  Do you do software development just as a hobby, or do
>> you want to make a living doing this kind of work?
> I see most of you are in IT, I would have thought there were more
> amateur programmers and some pro musicians, too.
> I am a student. Natural science. Completely unrelated to CS or audio.
> :) My prospective employer probably won't care about OSS, mostly doing
> this for fun.

I'm a professional programmer, working in the VoIP server industry,
although I don't do much OSS development these days. The software we
develop is commercial, but we use some LGPL stuff like ffmpeg, and our
target platforms are Solaris and Linux, and I focus mainly on media
streaming solutions for VoIP. Ultimately, though, I will be changing
careers to that of a professional composer and get away from the
software development :-) That will become closer to reality once I
finish my certification via Berklee.

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