[LAD] alsa driver and arduino stuff

Joan Quintana joan_quintana at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 16 21:35:19 UTC 2010

> I'm not too sure what I'd call it. Thiago Teixeira called it ttymidi:
> http://www.varal.org/ttymidi/

> Should do exactly what your looking for I think. Just run his program, and any USB/Serial > device
> can send data to ALSA MIDI. :-)

> Cheers, -Harry

> PS: Might be nice to send the author a "thanks" if you like it

Thanks for make me remember ttymidi. I tried it and is perfect for the purpose to connect arduino to fluidsynth.

Returning to the problem..., I imagine something like plugging arduino and appearing automatically in aconnect. Maybe the solution is to hack the FTDI driver. FTDI is the chipset that converts serial to USB, and needs an FTDI driver to create a virtual COM port: /dev/ttyUSB0. The solution could be hacking the FTDI driver with the ALSA libraries driver and making it an ALSA sequencer port.

Joan Q

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