[LAD] Is there a Linux Software Mixer?

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Mon Nov 29 00:42:47 UTC 2010

Hello Rory!
   Of course you should be able to do that in software. You have your two 
seperate sources, which should be able to go into Ecasound or Ardour (if 
you're graphical and don't mind JACK) or any other more or less full weight or 
light weight multitrack harddisk recorder.
   There you create two tracks, one for each source and then you can use the 
volume faders. with jack that would be easy. If you want it light weight and 
still rather comfortable, you can try Ecasound or Nama, which sits ontop of 
Ecasound and has both GUI and CLI (commandline interface). In Nama:
# add a track for the normal programme
add music;stereo;source jack_client_1
# look at the created track
[find effect ID of volume, for example F]
# add a midi controller for the volume from 0-100
add_controller F km 1 0 100 1 1
# add track for the announcements
add voice;stereo;source jack_client_2
# look at the created track
[find volume effect ID, example H]
# add midi controller for volume, from 100-0
add_controller H km 1 100 0 1 1
   Now just connect a MIDI controller to your PC and use the modwheel, or 
whatever is controller number 1. If it's turned/pushed up, music only, if it's 
completely down, voice only.
   Aroudr will do that job just as well, and probably prettier. There are other 
apps. I think even just mixer apps. I think most of them prefer JACK.
   Kindly yours

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