[LAD] SMC 2011 - Call for papers

Lorenzo Sutton lsutton at libero.it
Sat Oct 16 14:34:10 UTC 2010

fons at kokkinizita.net wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 15, 2010 at 03:05:14PM +0200, Adrian Knoth wrote:
>> I finally had to ask Wikipedia to find out it's in Italy.
So was this modified *after* the complaint email:


If so, that was quick ;)

> It's probably better known as Padua, just as Genua and Mantua.
> None of these names is used in Italian - only Padova, Genova
> and Mantova.
But "Padua, Italy" *is* the first result you get in google if you type 
in "Padova" (after an ad for "hotels in Padova" of course). I wonder if 
although using google in English it changes results based on the 
location anyway...

Although I'm not a football fan I think the Genova team is actually 
called Genoa.
>> Given the international context of conferences, I encourage announcement
>> writers to include the country when posting a CfP.  ;)
> "Conservatorio", "Cesare" and "Pollini" are all very Italian...
> But of course I'm biased !
Yea, "Conservatorio" especially, but I'm biased too.

> Ciao,

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