[LAD] Eclipse-gdb issue

Arvind Venkatasubramanian mdu.arvind at gmail.com
Tue Oct 19 17:40:43 UTC 2010


I am developing a C project in eclipse env (on Fedora 13) and currently my
debugger is not working.  The message on the console is as follows:

.gdbinit: No such file or directory.
Reading symbols from
Setting environment variable "LOADEDMODULES" to null value.
Stopped due to shared library event

gdb Debugger  Thread[0] (Running)

the gdb seems to work from terminal but not in eclipse.  Previously I had
the debugger working well for last 3 months.  Can anyone tell me what
settings change would have possibly happened and how I can use the gdb again
within eclipse?  I will appreciate it.

Arvind V
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