[LAD] [ANN] QmidiCtl, QmidiNet 0.1.0 Out Now!

m.wolkstein at gmx.de m.wolkstein at gmx.de
Thu Oct 21 22:05:21 UTC 2010

Am Wed, 20 Oct 2010 23:10:53 +0100
schrieb Rui Nuno Capela <rncbc at rncbc.org>:

> hi wolke,
hi rui,
> maybe you do explain this on the video, but is there any
> particular reason why you made the controller configuration with
> added "new" midi event types? for instance, is a NOTE_ON necessarily
> different from a a CAOSPAD_NOTE_ON ? why two separate types for the same
> midi event ?
hmm, maybe i have problems to understand the note settings right. but i need a NOTE_ON
message with corresponding notes. if i understand everything right the original NOTE_ON
controller use fixed note values which you can choose into the settings dialog.
the CAOSPAD_NOTE_ON notes are dependent from controller values (x, y positions) and you
can adjust the velocity.

> > this is no fork!!! only a version like my personal suggestions. so
> > feel free to include it into the official qmidictl version. i try to
> > connect you via your homepage but it fails. my coding style is a bit
> > freestyle. so maybe it need a bit code cleanup and so on:).
> > 
> my homepage fails? how? anyway, i'll take some time to review your code
> a bit more thoroughly and most probably i'll do some code restyling
> before it will get merged into trunk.
yes, this is a good idea. there are many things to change. e.g. my toggle buttons are
completely different to yours and also don't work as expected :(.

> one thing i would like to have in first is something you can certainly
> give away whenever you find the right time, is to explain in enough
> detail what are for all those neat features shown on the caospad widget,
> like what does it exactly mean those "push" or "glue" options and what
> situations do they become handy?

ok, i get my impressions from the korg kaossillator pro.
i try to make the pad ready for different functions.
the simple one is to controll cc messages e.g. to move a effect parameter fader.
this only need a corresponding x or y positon.
very simple!

the next more advanced function is to controll e.g. cc messages on the x and y axis and
also use the push and release event on the pad.
in my video you can see this into the hydrogen example. if i push the pad qmidictl sends
a mmc play on pushing the pad and a stop message on release the pad beside the x and y cc
position message. hydrogen use the x message to choose the pattern to play and start and
stop the sequencer with pushing and release the pad.
as you can see i decide to make the push and release events also configurable into the
settings. i know this makes things not easier to use. but so you can do so many more
things with the pad if you play with your imagination. you can enable/disable the push and
release events by toggle the "push" check-box.

the "glue" button fixate the push event. if you enable the glue button the push event
will fired but the release event is disabled and you see the the finger pointer
(rectangles) are so long enabled as you push the glue button a second time. than the
rectangles will disappear and a release event is fired. so you can play e.g. the hydrogen
sequencer and its possible to remove your finger from the pad to make other things.

the most complex thing is if you use note messages.
now everything is mixed. first you have to fire a note message corresponding to the
position you touch the pad. if you you release the pad you have to fire a corresponding
note off message. if you move the finger you have to fire a note off massage before you
fire the next higher or lower note massage and so on. all this things are also
this i why i also add e.g. the crazy CAOSPAD_RELEASE_NOTE_OFF event. its only needed to
configure what happens if you release the pad together with note messages. and the same
here. i know this makes things not easier. but its necessary to use the controller in the
right way.

the x - y spin boxes. mostly used to adjust a note range you want to play.
the scale combo boxes allows different scales for each axis.
i use cheap char lookup tables for this function.

ok, my english.... what ever :) i thing(hope) you can understand what i try to explain.
> > the modified source code is here available: 
> > http://www.popez.org/~wolke/caos/qmidictl-caospad-extension-sourcecode-with-a-pre-compiled-maemo-package.tar
> >
> thanks for sharing,
thanks for many many cool and usefully software(even all the (q) stuff:])
> hope to hear from you again soon
> cheers

greetings wolke

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