[LAD] Mouse/knob interaction

Philipp Überbacher hollunder at lavabit.com
Wed Sep 8 15:36:07 UTC 2010

Excerpts from Andrew Bryant's message of 2010-09-08 16:35:31 +0200:
> Previously:
> > That's actually a neat idea, color for immediate visual feedback. I
> > imagine the problem is the colors. What would be sane? I guess three
> > basic colors and interpolate between them?
> > low = blue
> > middle = yellow
> > high = top
> >
> > It needs to be rather intuitive. I guess the more colors the less
> > intuitive it will become. Maybe two are enough.
> > I wonder which color would best represent 'low' or 'bottom'.
> > Blue, black?
> >    
> Please forgive total outsider butting in.

There are no insiders or outsiders, there are just list members.

> I suggest you keep it simple, i.e. only two colours if possible, but 
> make them configurable for the benefit of those with visual disabilities.
> Andrew Bryant

I wondered about that part too, especially about color blind people.
I don't know any, as far as I know, and so I have no experience with it.
So just maybe a greyscale mode would help? This would depend heavily on
the background color though. So maybe Arnolds idea with the background
color on the lower end makes sense. You still need to see that there is
something that shows you something and you still need a certain
color/intensity range, or it's rather useless.
In greyscale white background to black for highest intensity would offer
the largest range. I guess some light grey to black would still be good

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