[LAD] Mouse/knob interaction

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Wed Sep 8 17:18:54 UTC 2010

On Wednesday 08 September 2010 16:35:31 Andrew Bryant wrote:
> Previously:
> > That's actually a neat idea, color for immediate visual feedback. I
> > imagine the problem is the colors. What would be sane? I guess three
> > basic colors and interpolate between them?
> > low = blue
> > middle = yellow
> > high = top
> > 
> > It needs to be rather intuitive. I guess the more colors the less
> > intuitive it will become. Maybe two are enough.
> > I wonder which color would best represent 'low' or 'bottom'.
> > Blue, black?
> I suggest you keep it simple, i.e. only two colours if possible, but
> make them configurable for the benefit of those with visual disabilities.

Two colors simply isn't enough. You need a color for low, a color for middle 
and a value for high. And then you haven't even looked at a fourth color for 
And fading from green directly/linear to red gives an ugly brown in the 
middle. It looks much nicer to go across yellow. And then you can really use 
that third color to stand for a special step, not just "in the middle of the 

If these colors are taken from the color-scheme the user has chosen, I feel 
confident, that these are suitable for all kinds of color-blindness (otherwise 
the color-scheme is chosen wrongly). But I don't know (yet) which color roles 
to use from the color-schemes...

Have fun,

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