[LAD] [ANN] Xsynth-DSSI 0.9.4, WhySynth 20100922, ghostess 20100923

Sean Bolton musound at jps.net
Thu Sep 23 21:49:04 UTC 2010

After a flurry of belated Spring cleaning, I am happy to
announce updated versions of the following DSSI plugins
and host:

Xsynth-DSSI version 0.9.4, an analog-style (VCOs-VCF-VCA)
   DSSI synth:


WhySynth version 20100922, a versatile DSSI synth:


ghostess version 20100923, a lightweight GTK+ DSSI host:


New in these releases:

* GUI knobs now use cairo (when available) for smooth, anti-
     aliased rendering.

* Patch and configuration file handling is now more graceful
     in its handling of different locales.

* WhySynth: new minBLEP oscillator waveform (Clipped Saw).

* WhySynth: new effect (Sean Costello's Csound reverb).

* Six months' to a year's worth of unreleased bug fixes and
     code cleanups.

Have fun,

-Sean Bolton

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