[LAD] LAD] RT-Safe UI/Engine Decoupling using Functional

Jeff McClintock jef at synthedit.com
Sat Aug 6 20:55:47 UTC 2011

I'm just in the process of porting my plugin to a platform where the GUI
runs on Windows, but the Audio processing runs on an real-time optimized
Linux box.
 With the proliferation of iPads etc, I see this approach of mixing a cool
portable GUI with a Linux 'powerhouse' audio processor become more common in
 Surly passing functors (which are pointers?) to audio code running in a
separate address space can not work?

Jeff McClintock

> From: Florian Paul Schmidt <mista.tapas at gmx.net>
> Subject: [LAD] RT-Safe UI/Engine Decoupling using Functional
> 	Programming and Reference Counted SmartPointers
> To: linux-audio-dev at lists.linuxaudio.org
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> Hi,
> during the process of writing a new small jack sampler which fits my
> workflow I came up with this little scheme to solve the UI/engine
> decoupling problem. For the purpose of spreading the idea or
> alternatively getting answers about how it's broken and sucks I decided
> to write a little article describing it..
> The (largely unfinished and unusable) sampler project is here:
> https://github.com/fps/jass
> Let me have it..
> Regards,
> Flo

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