[LAD] [LAU] Announcing Kn0ck0ut-LV2, spectral subtraction plugin

Jeremy Salwen jeremysalwen at gmail.com
Sun Aug 7 09:58:13 UTC 2011

Hello all,

I am pleased to announce that the first release of
Kn0ck0ut-LV2<https://github.com/jeremysalwen/kn0ck0ut-lv2>is ready.
Kn0ck0ut-LV2 is a port of the very popular VST "Spectral
Subtractor/Vocal Remover" plugin Kn0ck0ut<http://www.freewebs.com/st3pan0va/>,
with added features and improvements.

Kn0ck0ut-LV2 is primarily useful for either isolating or removing the
"center channel" of stereo recordings.  If you have center panned vocals,
you can use this to get the classic effects of "karaoke" or "vocal
extraction".  However, if you turn the controls to the extremes and/or feed
it two unrelated signals, you can also get a variety of unique sounds.

On top of Kn0ck0ut's functionality, I offer these improvements in

* Improved performance through use of FFTW and more efficent buffering code
* Completely variable FFT size and overlap amount controls.

* Experimental "Phase Compensation" option, which will perhaps preserve
  additional fidelity in certain cases.
* Restored Low-cut filter which was removed in later releases.

If this all sounds great, a direct download link for the sources is
In order to compile, you need lv2core, fftw3, and lv2-c++-tools

A special thanks to St3pan0va, the original author of kn0ck0ut.

Comments/questions are welcome.

Jeremy Salwen
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