[LAD] [ANN] WIP - Jass, a Jack Simple Sampler

Florian Paul Schmidt mista.tapas at gmx.net
Tue Aug 9 14:13:46 UTC 2011


I decided, on a whim [release early, release often], that the code is 
somewhat usable now. Grab the software via

git clone https://github.com/fps/jass.git

then read the INSTALL file..


There might be quite a few kinks and development will stay active the 
next few days.. Patches for features/fixes gladly accepted..

A screenshot from just an hour ago or so:


Quick Tut:

Shift-Doubleclick to audit a sample
Doubleclick to load it..

Known Bugs:
- Velocity mapping still broken (at least the GUI part)


- Add nice piano widget to set note ranges and central note..
- Actually use libsamplerate to convert sample to jack samplerate


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