[LAD] [LAU] cancelling I/O with libsndfile

Dan Muresan danmbox at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 06:57:43 UTC 2011

> You need to supply me with a small test program and if necessary
> this broken FLAC file.

1. Rather hard to do at the moment -- not the least because the
brokenness is injected via the vio layer.

2. Why? This was not a bug report. This was an API *clarification
request*. sndfile doesn't claim to support reset-by-seek (though I
wrongly assumed it would), and you yourself said "maybe not on FLAC",
"This is not possible on all file types" etc.

Now, do you consider such behavior to be a bug (i.e. did you intend to
support reset-by-seek)? If so, I will try to create a broken FLAC
file, take out the vio layer, put it back if the bug disappears etc.
until I get a minimal reproducing test-case -- time permitting.

-- Dan

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