[LAD] R: Re: Freeze when using threaded irq-handlers

torbenh torbenh at gmx.de
Thu Jun 23 18:58:23 UTC 2011

On Thu, Jun 23, 2011 at 11:51:38AM +0200, Niccolò Belli wrote:
> Il 22/06/2011 20:28, torbenh ha scritto:
> >there is no -rt bug tracker. and its a bug in vanilla anyways.
> >However... This bugreport is completely useless, so i wont forward it to
> >the guy in charge.
> WTF?
> There was nothing in messages and I would have been happy to provide
> more info if somebody told me what should I post, months had passed
> and nobody cared.
> This is quite strange because I tried threaded irq-handlers in
> answer to a call for testers...

well... then maybe you could state, that dmesg did not say a thing ?
turning on lockdep might help here...

tglx mentioned some patch that they applied for -rt which is not in
mainline. but i am bit iritated, why that patch is actually necessary. 

> Cheers,
> Darkbasic

torben Hohn

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