[LAD] Petri-Foo preview release: 0.0.2

James Morris jwm.art.net at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 20:54:36 UTC 2011

Hello hello,

The second official source code release Petri-Foo is now available.

IMPORTANT: I have designated this release as a 'preview' release to
indicate this is still a work in progress so that users may be aware
things may change and their files may not be usable without alteration
in future versions.

HOWEVER: I feel Petri-Foo has moved along quite nicely since 0.0.1 in
April and would like to share that work with a few more of you than
are subscribed to the Petri-Foo developers list.

WHAT'S NEW.... and good (since 0.0.1):

* Default Patch
A default patch using a looped generated triangle wave sample, with an
ADSR, LFO, and MIDI CC setup with sensible/default values so a new
user can immediately hear audio.

* Selectable MIDI controllers
MIDI controllers are now selectable amongst all the other modulation
sources. This has two benefits, the first is being given the choice
(of course), and the second is that you can now control how much
effect the controller has.

* Patchlist context menu
You can now right-click on the patch list to get a context menu to
allow you to perform add, remove, rename, and duplicate operations on

* Keyboard tracking
Keyboard tracking has been added to all the parameters, and
additionally, to the envelopes where it modifies envelope duration.

* LFO Amplitude modulation
The LFOs now have amplitude modulation so that. For example, the
default patch uses this in combination with the MIDI Mod Wheel
controller to control pitch modulation.

* RAW sample format loading
Allows one to load files never intended to be heard :-)

* Removal of LASH support
* Removal of ALSA *audio* output (note: ALSA MIDI still supported)
* Miscellaneous bug fixes and GUI clean ups.

Home pages...

git clone git://github.com/jwm-art-net/Petri-Foo.git

Bug reports...
jwm.art.net at gmail.com

Mailing list...
please note, if you're not a member your messages ****are
automatically rejected****  :-p


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