[LAD] Portable user interfaces for LV2 plugins

Stefano D'Angelo zanga.mail at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 22:44:37 UTC 2011

2011/3/2 Olivier Guilyardi <list at samalyse.com>:
> On 03/02/2011 08:55 PM, Stefano D'Angelo wrote:
>> What I don't really get is why you would ever want visualization,
>> since that is more related to sound analysis, that LV2, as of now,
>> doesn't really support (yes, you can do whatever you want, but don't
>> tell me about spectrograms... that stuff is better suited to Vamp and
>> the like as of now - this may change, hopefully, however).
> Visualization can allow realtime feedback of the applied effect as well as
> improved interaction.
> About my previous compressor example: imagine a single area where you have both
> the input and the output waveform. It allows you to see the applied compression
> but not only. The threshold above which the compression is applied can be
> represented as an horizontal line which could be moved up and down.
> Another example is a visual EQ as the one found in Jamin, where you both see the
> live spectrum and can adjust frequency bands level.

Mmm, this answer goes straight to the heart of the problem: what does
the UI actually represent?

Your examples show quite clearly that the visualization part might be
of great help, and I honestly won't support the idea that the host
should do that, since there are thousands of ways you could represent

Yet a problem remains... is data visualization really indivisible from
a plugin state and/or its input parameters?

Or, in more practical terms, should we consider visualization
belonging to the plugin GUI or not? I suspect that in theory it is
not, but in real world it is... since it would really be madness to
ask a plugin how it treats data, how could it ever be represented in
the most meaningful way w.r.t. its processing algorithm and asking it,
optionally, for a self representation in either a form of data that is
directly comparable to the input/output representation (compressor and
EQ example) or whatever else...

(I'm scared of myself at times)

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