[LAD] Portable user interfaces for LV2 plugins

Olivier Guilyardi list at samalyse.com
Wed Mar 2 23:14:27 UTC 2011

On 03/02/2011 10:58 PM, David Robillard wrote:

> Yawn. Personally I've always considered my ears better judges of audio
> than pixellated waveforms on a screen.
> Knobs and speakers were good enough for some of the most brilliant sonic
> artists ever, and they're plenty good enough for me too. They also have
> the benefit of being tactile and spontaneously creative, unlike clickey
> screeney uninspiring computer staring nonsense. Feel free to spend your
> time on screen things, but I would much rather spend my time on sound
> things. It's sort of the whole point...

Ears are not separated from the body. Not only am I interested into the
convergence of audio and graphics but also touch. This basically is what my
Android app is about. Aside of that I've worked with a painter on an artistic
project which consists in a dialog between painting and music. That affects my
point of view. Also, the feelings I get when I touch and see my guitar have a
great influence on what I play. And I'm certainly not the only one.


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