[LAD] Portable user interfaces for LV2 plugins.

Sean Bolton musound at jps.net
Fri Mar 4 03:50:11 UTC 2011

On Mar 3, 2011, at 4:15 PM, David Robillard wrote:

> On Fri, 2011-03-04 at 08:56 +1300, Jeff McClintock wrote:
>>> From: Paul Davis <paul at linuxaudiosystems.com>
>>> Subject: Re: [LAD] Portable user interfaces for LV2 plugins.
>>> VST3 allows the GUI to run in a different process?
>> " The design of VST 3 suggests a complete separation of processor  
>> and edit
>> controller by implementing two components. Splitting up an effect  
>> into these
>> two parts requires some extra efforts for an implementation of  
>> course.
>> But this separation enables the host to run each component in a  
>> different
>> context. It can even run them on different computers. Another  
>> benefit is
>> that parameter changes can be separated when it comes to  
>> automation. While
>> for processing these changes need to be transmitted in a sample  
>> accurate
>> way, the GUI part can be updated with a much lower frequency and  
>> it can be
>> shifted by the amount that results from any delay compensation or  
>> other
>> processing offset."
> I would just like to point out that many/most of the movers and  
> shakers
> in this community have been advocating (often with much opposition) a
> full plugin/UI split for years. I guess now that the commercial guys
> have finally gotten around to it the stupid arguments (e.g. that it's
> not needed because VST or whatever doesn't have it) go away. Hooray.
> For the record: It's now official that the old VST way was garbage,  
> and
> a complete plugin <=> UI split is an obvious requirement, not
> unrealistic idealism or a topic at all up for debate.

Hmm, if you want a "complete plugin <=> UI split", doesn't that mean
something like the lv2_external_ui extension, which puts the UI in
a separate process (perhaps even on a different computer), rather
than the libsuil approach that could easily lump the host, numerous
plugins, Qt, GTK+, and who knows what else (GL? SDL? segfaults?)
all into one process? Or am I not understanding what you mean by
"complete split"?


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