[LAD] Portable user interfaces for LV2 plugins

Pedro Alves alves.ped at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 22:56:49 UTC 2011

On Friday 04 March 2011 22:00:47, Paul Davis wrote:

> but why? real hosts are not written with Xlib, they are written with
> Qt, or GTK or ... 

Of course.

> embedding another Gtk widget into a Gtk window is a LOT easier
> than embedding an X window ID, and in fact is the whole reason why
> libsuil exists. 

I was implying always Xembed'ding when host and plugin are
both X11 based, with the ugliness all tucked away in the
library.  But it seems I can infer then that one of the
design choices of libsuil is to allow trusting plugins
into the address space party.

I wonder how long it will take until there's a cry for
a way to force plugins to be loaded out-of-process .  ;-)

Thanks for the explanations.

Pedro Alves

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