[LAD] Good Mixer Library

Conrad Berhörster conrad.berhoerster at gmx.de
Mon Mar 28 19:47:48 UTC 2011

Hi Gerald, 

Op den Sünnavend 26 März 2011 Klock 18:13:09 hett Gerald Mwangi schreven:
> Hi, I'm messing arround with the source of TerminatorX. As it seems, tX
> needs a total rewright of the mixer and the audio backend.
> Since many programs (Ardour, Qtracktor) have built mixers, I was
> wondering from which project I could 'borrow' the mixer component.
> I need a mixermodel which is strictly C++, which idealy has jack support
> built in, possibly multithreaded, GUI-Independant and easy to handle.
> I started to wright my own mixermodel, but then I thought how stupid it
> is to reinvent the wheel. It would really be nice something like a
> libmixer with jack, lv2, ladspa and VST support.
> Gerald

i have lurked on this. My focus was lying on platform independendness. 
i think, before you start borrowing some code and integrate that into your tX, 
think about using an existing lib. 
I haven't looked into every lib in detail, so i don't know if all your 
requirements are integrated, but here is my list. 

- libremix
- audiere 
- audiality
- irrklang
- caudio
- openAL
- tritium
- allegro
- clam
- cmt
- rtaudio
- portaudio /portmixer 
- stk

i think, audiere was the best one for my requirements. Let me know, what you 
are missing in detail . Maybe i can help with some code. 

bye c~

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