[LAD] Begining of work at flowcanvas replacement

Nikita Zlobin cook60020tmp at mail.ru
Mon May 16 19:41:30 UTC 2011

I began to work at modular, patchage-like graph (afaik, flowcanvas i
used not only for such things - project panner in ardour3 looks using
it too). This graph is based on goocanvas, driven by cairo.

Project page: http://repo.or.cz/w/gmodulargraph.git
(of course, it is just a git web interface :)

For now i implemented modules with ports and wires. Began to implement
connections. There is no library yet, it is implemented in standalone
test execuable.

Though project is called GModularGraph, some files need to be renamed
(i changed name, because it depends on project, which is not a gtk

Unfortunally i will go to military service after several hours (need to
sleep yet :), so it would be nice, if someone clone it and help with
development (also there is ability to push anonimously into 'mob'
branch, thanks to repo.or.cz for this feature).

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