[LAD] [HEADSUP] Please submit something for the Audio track at LPC!

Lennart Poettering mzynq at 0pointer.de
Thu May 19 21:15:40 UTC 2011


The Linux Plumbers Conference 2011 is coming soon. Mark Brown and I are running
the Audio track at LPC, and we are looking for more proposals!

So, please consider submitting something if you haven't done so yet. We
are looking for all kinds of technical talks covering everything audio
plumbing related: audio drivers, audio APIs, sound servers, pro audio,
consumer audio. If you can propose something audio related -- like talks
on media controller routing, on audio for ASOC/Embedded, submit
something! If you care for low-latency audio, submit something. If you
care about the Linux audio stack in general, submit something.

LPC is probably the most relevant technical conference on the general
Linux platform, so be sure that if you want your project, your work,
your ideas to be heard then this is the right forum for everything
related to the Linux stack. And the Audio track covers everything in our
Audio Stack, regardless whether it is pro or consumer audio.

So, submit! submit! submit!

(And contrary to what the web site might suggest regarding deadlines
we'll still consider your submission, if you post it quickly!)



Lennart Poettering - Red Hat, Inc.

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