[LAD] Rip CDDA with CDtext

Alfs Kurmis kallipygos at inbox.lv
Thu May 26 11:37:34 UTC 2011

 Hi Experts.
 Long Long time ago i have burned CDDA with CD-text  [with roxio or
 With cdda2wav -J ,
 i can see my CD-text.
 Grip read info only from cddb.org, but not from  CD-text.
 With k3b i can elegant grab selected audio tracks, and i gotta file
 names from CD-Text
 On target system [Gentoo] is XFCE installed, and here i do not wanna
 any KDE4/QT progs/libs
 cdda2wav , cdparanoia  i gotta just so what :(
 audio_01.inf  audio_01.wav  audio_02.inf
 audio_02.wav audio_03.inf
 In inf files is CD-Text info for each track available, but then in
 must rename each wan manually :(
 Is anywhere available option/patch/script/gnome-app/whatever...
 so that i can in cmd line or GTK+ GUI  rip wav files with titles ?
 Tnx in advance
 Alfs Kurmis
 cdda2wav -J
 No target specified, trying to find one...
 CD-Text: detected
 CD-Extra: not detected
 Album title: 'Kristine W'       [from Lisa St]
 Track  1: 'Kristine W - Land of the living (Rollo & sister Bliss club
 mix)'             [from 1]
 Track  2: 'Kylie Minogue - Where is The Feeling(Morales mix)'        
                   [from 5]
 Track  3: 'Kathy Brown _ Give it up (cleptomanics classic)'          
                   [from 6]
 Track  4: 'Crystal Waters - 100 % pure love (PG funked out mix)'     
                   [from 9]
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