[LAD] NASPRO 0.2.91 released

Stefano D'Angelo zanga.mail at gmail.com
Sun May 29 17:20:41 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I'm glad to announce the release of NASPRO 0.2.91.

NASPRO (http://naspro.atheme.org/) is meant to be a cross-platform
sound processing software architecture built around the LV2 plugin
standard (http://lv2plug.in/).

The goal of the project is to develop a series of tools to make it
easy and convenient to use LV2 for sound processing on any (relevant)
platform and for everybody: end users, host developers, plugin
developers, distributors and scientists/researchers.

This is mostly a bugfix release with a "not officialy supported" port
to Win32/64 and bunch of LV2 data-only bundles containing handcrafted
the equivalent of all LRDF data I could find.

It includes:

    NASPRO core: the portable runtime library at the bottom of the architecture;
    NASPRO Bridge it: a little helper library to develop
insert-your-API-here to LV2 bridges;
    NASPRO bridges: a collection of bridges to LV2 which, once
installed, allow you to use plugins developed for other plugin
standards in LV2 hosts.

In particular, the NASPRO bridges collection includes two bridges: a
LADSPA (http://www.ladspa.org/) 1.1 and a DSSI
(http://dssi.sourceforge.net/) 1.0.0/1.1.0 bridge.

All of the code is released under the LGPL 2.1 license.

Due to a couple of issues with Lilv
(http://drobilla.net/software/lilv/) 0.4.2 and zynjacku
(http://home.gna.org/zynjacku/) 6, the installation of such bundles
has to be explictly requested at ./configure time.

Furthermore, patches to fix a tiny bug preventing Lilv 0.4.2 from
properly working with dynamic manifests and to try to fix (i.e.,
perhaps more a hack than a fix) cross-referencing among bundles w.r.t.
dynamic manifests in zynjacku 6 are avialable in the Downloads page.

More information is available on the project's website.


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