[LAD] [ANN] Jass-0.9 - Jack Simple Sampler

Florian Paul Schmidt mista.tapas at gmx.net
Fri Nov 11 19:30:43 UTC 2011


I spent a few hours here and there to work on jass. Thus I give you 
release 0.9 which is fairly feature complete. But it might still have a 
gazillion of bugs. So please test, before I go 1.0..


Jass - A Jack Simple Sampler

Qt4-, libsamplerate-, libsndfile-, jack_midi-, jack_session-, 
ladish-L1-enabled sampler..

Changes (AFAICT):

* graphical editors for most parameters (those can be resized to suite 
your needs)
   * waveform display to set sample start/end, loop start/end
   * keyboard widget to set note, min note and max note
   * a retarded dial_widget that is barely usable :D
* global voice allocation (you can set the global polyphony per setup in 
the xml file
* ADSR envelope that actually works
* show/hide some parameter sections

Screenshot (showing all parameter editors):



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