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Le Wed, 16 Nov 2011 11:32:58 +0100,
Thorsten Wilms <t_w_ at freenet.de> a écrit :

> I'm not a fan of capitalism and even less so of long work-days, but
> it's hard to even think of a better system that takes human nature
> into account, to not even speak of establishing one.
Fpr me, the problem is not to imagine another system of society, but how
to archive it in practice. In an ideal society, its goal will be
something like to give the means of being happy and have a life in
dignity to every one. The economic system will be a tool to archive
this goal and nothing more.

We can imagine any system of society, the economy will always be a tool
to archive some goal. One of the principal problem with capitalism is
that the goal is the economy itself. So, in practice, the society
doesn't have any goal and our work doesn't have any meaning, at the
exception of archiving a goal that is not a goal but a tool.

In such a society, I thing that licenses like the GPL make sense, and
are definitely a move in the good direction.

The ground of this problem is religious. For me, the only transcendence
that exist here and now is the transcendence of the human being. That
is that unique capacity we have in the creation to think about an
issue, here and now, and from that reflection, fix some goals, and
always here and now, work to archive those goals.

We are the only one creature of the creation that is not living like
its ancestors was. But now, we are not in control of the path of the
society, this is the economy that is in control. And that's not a
good thing because the economy must always be a tool to archive the
goal. Also, our economy is like a yo-yo, one day up, the other down. And
that's not a good thing either. We can see where we are now with such a
system: The most riches countries of the world are facing bankruptcy
and the only one economic argument they have left is war.

We have the heroes we deserve. For a Christian, and as the name of this
religion tell us, the hero is a warrior, the Christ of the apocalypse.
Christ was nothing new. In more ancient time, it was Thor and its
hammer. Even more ancient, we can find Indra and its lightning (she is
the Indian Goddess of war). And so on back to the beginning of
Antiquity when the religion ceased to be a personal issue. For me, the
hero is simply the worker. Exactly like in the John Lennon song.

Now, I don't have any recipe. I know what I want : a better world for
my children, and I want it here and now because I am living here and
now. I am not interested in a better life after the dead, or in another
life, or on Mars or another planet of the universe. I want it here and
now. I also now that I have to fight for that goal. It is one of the
reason why I adopted free software. It is why I am supporting countries
like Cuba or Venezuela. It is also why I am supporting the outraged
even If I think than they must organize them in order to be able to
offer a real and credible political alternative.

With other words, we must recover our true transcendental human
nature and change our culture of war and money into a culture of peace
and respect.

I stop here otherwise I will write a book. -:)

See you in the streets.


"We have the heroes we deserve."

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