[LAD] sliders/fans

David Robillard d at drobilla.net
Thu Nov 24 18:54:56 UTC 2011

On Thu, 2011-11-24 at 19:37 +0100, Nick Copeland wrote:
> > From: d at drobilla.net
> > Just a thought, but perhaps an effort at a LAD HIG (Human Interface
> > Guidelines) might be a good idea, so things like this aren't
> arbitrarily
> > different between apps and plugins?
> > 
> > Naturally the scope of such a thing would be limited since different
> > programs have different needs, but at least things like twiddling
> > parameters could easily be standardized.
> That is a good idea. The recent comments on the use of Shift vs
> Control
> and controller changes does highlight some differences. Bristol uses
> Shift for accelerator (as in shift your butt) and Control as a
> decelerator
> to have more control of what is being changed but that was an pretty
> arbitrary choice I made a while ago.

Makes sense.  We also need a "don't move, but hard set to this point I
am clicking", but middle click is convention for that so it doesn't need
a modifier.  We do need an "I want to type in a value", though...

> Which ever seem reasonable/practicable to the group here might also
> want to consider the kind of values that Shift/Control might have? Am 
> not advocating any preference, just giving examples: bristol/brighton
> use Shift to go from min to max in 16 steps - ie, reasonably quickly.
> Control does the same motion in 256 (I might have actually changed
> that a while ago). Up/Down on their own increment by 1/16384th, that 
> is my best resolution due to using an extraction of MIDI 7bit, dual
> digit 
> encoding for the transfer syntax. The behavious is pretty anomalous or
> arbitrary, that is admitted. 

This would have to be defined in relation to the underlying unit the
controller is for, to address the quantisation issues Fons has
mentioned, or at least worded in a more generic way.

> Most of the keyboard accelerators I use are based on U/D/L/R Arrow
> and H/J/K/L 'vi' style controls. 
> I have no objection to changing them especially if it is a generally
> agreed
> set of changes and a coherent proposal.

A good attitude to have :)

> There are diverse other issues that might need to be considered such
> as
> how to handle lin vs log controls?

I still don't think anyone has come up with a reasonable precise
definition of what "logarithmic" control even means.  It's not in
lv2core for this reason.


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