[LAD] Linux Audio Documentaion Effort : (Was "Question 0")

thijs van severen thijsvanseveren at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 16:55:06 UTC 2011

Documenting (code) is always a good idea.
Its hard enoug to find and motivate people that have good coding skills, so
the last thing you need is for those people to get frustrated while trying
to find out where/how they should start.

Transparent, error-free documentation, website and active mailing list are
key here!

I dont have coding skills, but if you need someone to help with the
documentation as such, i'm willing to help.


On 28 Nov 2011 11:19, "Sebastian Moors" <mauser at smoors.de> wrote:

Am 28.11.2011 03:46, schrieb Iain Duncan:

> I also think it's a much needed idea. I'd be happy to do some
contributing too, but like Harry,...

a great idea! I'm sure that you will see valuable feedback from this list
if you publish your tutorial, imho this ensures a good quality.
Do not discuss to long over question like the correct toolkit. Those can
lead away too easily from the core problem. Take the one your familiar with!
- Sebastian

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