[LAD] Linux Audio Documentaion Effort : (Was "Question 0")

Harry van Haaren harryhaaren at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 12:51:22 UTC 2011

About the workflow, I think you're right that more options for providing
feedback would be better.
Currently the "Author" of each tutorial has thier email address at the top,
they could be the contacted
point for improvements.. and then they can update the code.

With the repo on Github you can indeed clone it, make local changes and
then make a merge request. Perhaps a touch hard for the average beginner...
if you want to take this approach, please do :)

I'm open to suggestions on how to include more feedback, perhaps
Flossmanuals.net isn't the best place for this kind of feedback, as its
more a "book authoring" site than "documentation hosting"..

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