[LAD] [ann] out now petri-foo 0.1.85 / NSM

rosea.grammostola rosea.grammostola at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 09:43:51 UTC 2012

On 08/01/2012 01:52 PM, Louigi Verona wrote:
> Is JACKSession really dead?
> And fellas, to a non-coder, can you explain why isn't session handling
> done through JACK, which seems like a logical thing to do?

I'm not a coder.

Advantages are imo:

1) you can leave JACK apps outside a session on purpose
This is useful for instance when you have JACK apps running all the time 
in your studio, switching sessions shouldn't force you to stop that 

2) crashing JACK doesn't corrupt your session probably
3) it works also with other audio servers like KLANG :)


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