[LAD] Plugin 1/oct frequency controls (AMS/MCP/VCO)

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> Yes, but as already mentioned, for a modular to be usable a standard is
> required. The analog synths on which this was modeled have such a
> standard. As it turns out, that was based around A as well, just dug up
> by Robin Gareus on IRC:
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CV/Gate
> Even volts on A in both schemes.

That is a nice page but it definitely does not advocate any attachment ofsemantics (eg, frequency) to any specific voltage. It gives some tables makingvoltage comparisons between V/O and H/V using integral values howeverthese are given as examples of the translations between the two systemsbased on the preconfigured generation of a given frequency by an osc.
A modifying voltage carries no reference since it cannot - it is a voltage,what happens when that voltage is applied to something is not implied inits value, it never was. Oscillators and filters did have semantics of whatthat voltage did which is where the V/O comes from, the reference value(which Fons describes in his email) is not a function of the modifier.
Regards, nick.(Dave, as usual I did an inadvertant direct reply, this is copied to the list, apologies). 		 	   		  
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