[LAD] Checking for jack xruns with Python

Bruno Gola brunogola at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 15:51:32 UTC 2012

Hi :-)

i'm writing a tool for monitoring Jack2 (actually the only thing I
need right now is to be able to check the XRuns).

I'm using the jacklib.py
[https://raw.github.com/falkTX/Cadence/master/src/jacklib.py] and it
opens the client connection to jack ok. For example:

import jacklib
client = jacklib.client_open("test-client", jacklib.JackNoStartServer, None)
def cb(*args):
    global xruns
    xruns += 1
    return 0

jacklib.set_xrun_callback(client, cb, None)

while True:
    raw_input("(%d) > " % xruns)

This runs ok, but my callback (cb) is never called.

I'm sure it's registered to receive XRun notifications because
whenever I call "jacklib.set_xrun_callback" it starts showing me some
jack debug messages like "Jack: JackClient::ClientNotify ref = 3 name
= test-client notify = 3" for each xrun.

Am I missing anything?

Bruno Gola <brunogola at gmail.com>
http://bgo.la/ | +55 11 9294-5883

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