[LAD] CC-by-sa licensed samples/instrument plugins

Nils list at nilsgey.de
Fri Aug 31 15:44:51 UTC 2012

As you may know from the other sampling thread here on this list I have written several emails to sample developers over the last two days and suggested CC-By-Sa as sampling license. 

Clearly the intention of sample developers, they all write it in their currenct licenses, is that the resulting music is not part of the samples license. e.g. it is not considered a derived work. 

But for Creative Commons ShareAlike? Is music a derived work from samples under cc-by-sa?

If yes I made a dumb error which could have negative impact on further talk with those developers since I was obviously talking about things I didn't know enough about.

Also if yes: Is there even a pre-packaged license that allows:
-Music or other resulting works are not derived works and the following conditions do not apply to the music itself.
-Sharing the sample packages is allowed
-Editing, Repackaging (sf2->sfz) etc. is allowed
-Selling the sample package itself is allowed or not (two different flavours)


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