[LAD] [ANN] Radium V1.9.14

Kjetil Matheussen k.s.matheussen at notam02.no
Fri Dec 7 15:48:30 UTC 2012

Radium is a music editor with a new and better interface.
It's inspired by trackers, but has fewer limitations and uses graphics 
to show musical data.



Source code:




Source code repository:


Most important changes 1.9.6 -> 1.9.14:
* Waveform data is shown in the editor for the sampler instrument.
* Colored areas replaced breakpoint curves for velocity representation.
   (looks much less confusing)
* Only show gfx nodes for the track the mouse is currently placed over.
* Various other graphical improvements
* Fixed denormals on 32 bit Linux. (-mpmath=sse)
* Fix various horrible bugs for those with non-C locale settings
   Thanks to "DoosC" for helping to debug.
* Switch shift and right-alt keybindings for left/right arrow. Now:
   * Right Shift + left/right moves cursor to previous / next track
   * Right Alt + left/right changes velocity for note playing under 
* Need to press altgr or right shift less than 0.25 seconds to play.
* Radium doesn't freeze when trying to play after it has been running
   for a few hours.
* Dont create block undo too often. (Most notable when changing 
   using keyboard)
* Don't reset temponode track size when zooming.
* Fix pesky memory bug, sometimes causing the program to quit because
   it ran out of memory. Graphics should also be snappier in some 
   after this fix. It was caused by the gfx queue growing and growing
   when QWidget::paintEvent wasnt called directly after drawing 
* Dont crash when pasting block in certain situations.
* Remove reading of uninitialized memory in slider painter.
* TAB switches between common window configs
* Show message box if parsing soundfont file fails
* Add -Wall option to RELEASE build
* Make track headers of current instrument more distinct
* Larger window during startup
* Fix missing sound on AMD phenom processor. Thanks to DoosC for 
helping to debug.
* Disable text border by default (except for line numbers), and ignore 
saved text border setting
* Ignore minnodesize and use font height*2 instead.
* Implement reset font size for qt
* Demo song audio adjustments
* Set default colors/fonts menu options
* Qt: set DontUseNativeMenuBar on all systems, not just osx. Menues 
requires mono font to look right
   (fix for unity)
* Dont stop playing when changeing patch for a track
* Various graphical improvements
* Use "---" instead of STP.
* "make install" should work without first running the program.
* Shift+left/right to change note volume works even if cursor is not
   placed on the same line as the note name.
* Fixed zooming-in-a-lot bug.
* Pan-per-note for the sampler instrument. Means that the track panner 
   for that track only.
* Fixed samplefile font in sample file selector.
* Different panning algorithm. (Dont just lower volume in one channel 
on stereo files)
   (Warning: may change sound of existing songs)
* Remove -mtune=native for linux builds.
* Linux: Use standard paths for lrdf files
* Instructions on how to compile from git

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