[LAD] LV2 amp

hermann meyer brummer- at web.de
Sat Dec 8 16:35:11 UTC 2012

Am 29.11.2012 17:36, schrieb Aurélien Leblond:
> Incidentally, are there other LV2 plugins that would do at Amp Modelling? 
I have added the first lv2 plug out of guitarix to our git repository 
now, its a amp model out of gxamp-1 (12ax7) the tonestack sovtek and the 
cabinet convolver (4x12).
The UI is released in gtkmm (gxwmm) and tested to work in jalv and in 
the latest svn-version of qtractor.

I'm really impressed by seeing my gtkmm based plug-in UI work flawless 
in a qt-based-host,
that's indeed great floor-work by Rui Nuno Capela and  David Robillard .


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