[LAD] building the new Guitarix LV2 Amp

Gianfranco Ceccolini franconassis at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 18:07:53 UTC 2012

I´ve already tried turning all the knobs up with no luck.

about the LV2 plugins, would there be a performance difference between a
single plugin with the three engines (tube, tonestack and cabinet)
hardcoded in a single .so and separate plguins connected through JACK ?



2012/12/13 hermann meyer <brummer- at web.de>

> Am 13.12.2012 18:20, schrieb Gianfranco Ceccolini:
>  now it built, but no sound coming out...
>> I opened using jalv.gtk and got the interface ok.
>> is there a possibility it built wrong, but with a sucess exit status?
>>  mm, I don't think so, if you start jalv it it a terminal you will get
> some debugging output (from gxamp as well) if something goes wrong. If all
> went well, gxamp wouldn’t output to the terminal.
> Note that the default settings are lowered (-30db) so you need to turn the
> gain up in order to receive sound. (right click on a controller shows the
> values)
>> one more thing
>> by what you've said, this LV2-amp comprises a 12ax7 tube amp + sovtek
>> tonestak + 4x12 cabinet.
>> would it be possible to have a plugins with all the guitarix options of
>> tubes, tonestaks and cabinets?
>> Thank you so much
>> Gian
> Maybe, but I play with the option to create several LV2 amp-heads out of
> guitarix, instead put them all in one.
> greets
> hermann

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