[LAD] [ANN] CAPS 0.9.1

Tim Goetze tim at quitte.de
Mon Dec 31 17:01:08 UTC 2012

CAPS 0.9.1

The C* Audio Plugin Suite is a selection of popular effects, unique
filters and generators.  For the digital guitarist, CAPS offers a
range of processors recreating the formation of tone in traditional
instrument amplification.  Beyond sound quality, central design
considerations are latency-free realtime operation, modest resource
demands and meaningful control interfaces.


This release contains major improvements particularly in the area of
guitar signal processing, notably in the AmpVTS and CabinetIV plugins.
These are the first iterations of the Amp and Cabinet designs that
their author is well and truly happy with.  Also worth noting here is
the Compress plugin, a completely new design featuring optional
oversampled soft saturation/limiting.


All plugins have been subject to further development, speedups,
refinement and polishing.  In many cases, this has been accompanied by
the consolidation of shared or duplicate functions into a single
circuit; for example, the AutoFilter plugin now fulfills the roles of
the old SweepVF and AutoWah units.  Many obsolete plugins have been
removed, and everywhere else, port names, layouts, value ranges,
defaults etc have been changed as well.  Upgrading from previous
releases is encouraged nonetheless.


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