[LAD] [LAU] [ANN] CAPS 0.9.1

R. Mattes rm at mh-freiburg.de
Mon Dec 31 17:44:01 UTC 2012

Builds fine but doesn't load:

 error opening shared object file '/usr/local/lib/ladspa/caps.so':
/usr/local/lib/ladspa/caps.so: undefined symbol: _ZN3DSP10Polynomial5clip9Ef

Template problem?

This happens with compilations with all of 
 g++, clang++ and clang++-libc++

Thanks, Ralf Mattes

On Mon, 31 Dec 2012 18:01:08 +0100 (CET), Tim Goetze wrote
> CAPS 0.9.1
> ==========
> The C* Audio Plugin Suite is a selection of popular effects, unique
> filters and generators.  For the digital guitarist, CAPS offers a
> range of processors recreating the formation of tone in traditional
> instrument amplification.  Beyond sound quality, central design
> considerations are latency-free realtime operation, modest resource
> demands and meaningful control interfaces.
> http://quitte.de/dsp/caps.html
> This release contains major improvements particularly in the area of
> guitar signal processing, notably in the AmpVTS and CabinetIV 
> plugins. These are the first iterations of the Amp and Cabinet 
> designs that their author is well and truly happy with.  Also worth 
> noting here is the Compress plugin, a completely new design 
> featuring optional oversampled soft saturation/limiting.
> http://quitte.de/dsp/caps.html#AmpVTS 
> http://quitte.de/dsp/caps.html#CabinetIV 
> http://quitte.de/dsp/caps.html#Compress 
> http://quitte.de/dsp/caps.html#AutoFilter
> All plugins have been subject to further development, speedups,
> refinement and polishing.  In many cases, this has been accompanied 
> by the consolidation of shared or duplicate functions into a single 
> circuit; for example, the AutoFilter plugin now fulfills the roles 
> of the old SweepVF and AutoWah units.  Many obsolete plugins have 
> been removed, and everywhere else, port names, layouts, value ranges,
>  defaults etc have been changed as well.  Upgrading from previous 
> releases is encouraged nonetheless.
> Enjoy!
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