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Dave Stikkolorum davers at dds.nl
Fri Jan 6 12:54:06 UTC 2012

On 06-01-12 13:40, Dave Phillips wrote:
> On 01/06/2012 07:32 AM, Dave Stikkolorum wrote:
>> Sometimes I get very frustrated to start all these applications 
>> seperatly.
>> Also lash seems to be dead(according to it's creator).
>> And I don't think Jack sessions is going to be adopted by al these 
>> programs.
> Hi Dave,
> You might consider learning how to write simple shell scripts as 
> launchers. For my purposes scripts work nicely in many situations.
I have already done those things. But it is not completely satisfying.

I wrote some stuff to startup as a project.
So lets say I want to compose a song called "song" I start
a couple of seuencer programs with jack and save it under the same name
like song.muse , song.hsong etc..

But during the project you also like to add instruments etc. then
it is a little more complicated and less transaparent.

> Best,
> dp
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