[LAD] [OT] Statistics about usage of GUI toolkits

Nils list at nilsgey.de
Sat Jan 7 00:23:17 UTC 2012

Maybe you can query a Distribution and its package system for dependencies.
List the deps for all packages, grep for the toolkit names, count the lines.
Eventhough Archlinux AUR and Gentoo may have more packages many of them are duplicates (git versions etc.) so maybe you want a binary-only distribution like Debian. Exclude the devel-packages here.

I am personally interested if qt + kde or gtk is more frequent. I like both.:)

If this is not about Linux the answer is "The native windows api/toolkit".


On Sat, 7 Jan 2012 00:10:55 +0100 (CET)
Julien Claassen <julien at mail.upb.de> wrote:

> Hello everyone!
>    Does anyone of you know about a good resource for statistical info about 
> used graphical toolkits? So which toolkits are used the most. Including all 
> platforms would be nice, but info on Linux-based toolkits would be a good 
> start.
>    Thanks and kind regards
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