[LAD] send midi message

Dan Muresan danmbox at gmail.com
Sat Jan 7 22:13:20 UTC 2012

> The decision about using one MIDI API or another, one GUI framework or
> another, one programming language or another, in my case depends only on what
> I find the best suitable tools for a task. I can't care less about the latest
> fashion, or the most popular thing, because in that case I would not be

If you're writing for yourself only, no one can argue with that; but I
was talking about public-facing apps, in which case standardizing on a
single MIDI protocol helps users (and the ecosystem in general).

I've always thought that Jack MIDI is easier to program and provides
better jitter guarantees, but you may see things differently.

> writing Linux applications. You know: Linux usage is absolutely marginal, also
> among musicians and audio professionals. I find Jack MIDI unsuitable for my
> use cases, so I usually don't use it.

It would be interesting to know which use cases you are encountering?

-- Dan

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