[LAD] QasTools 0.17.0 released

Sebastian H. vand2 at gmx.de
Tue Jan 17 15:28:52 UTC 2012

QasTools version 0.17.0 is available.

QasTools is a collection of dektop applications for ALSA.


 * all: setting names for state save/restore changed/regrouped
 * all: smart main window sizeHint() to get a useable window
        size after leaving fullscreen
 * all: new common info dialog - uses QListView page
        selection intead of tabs
 * shared: device selection style tweaks: selected item
           now emphasized by a thin frame
 * shared: device selection style tweaks: Rounded selection area
 * shared: use QSplitter instead of QDockwidget for device selection
           view. It couldn't be detached anyway and size restoring
           works more reliable.
 * qasconfig: settings directory changed to shared ~/.config/qastools/
              (was ~/.config/qasconfig/)
 * qasconfig: new basic command line options (--version, --help, etc.)
 * qashctl: new basic command line options (--version, --help, etc.)
 * qasmixer: new application icon

Homepage with more information

Project page

Happy volume changing!

-- Sebastian Holtermann

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