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Wed Jan 18 11:21:09 UTC 2012

On , Louigi Verona <louigi.verona at gmail.com> wrote:
> Seems obvious, but wanted to make sure that Luppp has sync of different  
> loops?
> If not in stretching, than at least in being able to trigger loops  
> together?

Hi Louigi,

Currently luppp's sync is like this:
-resampling to achieve loop lenghts that correspond with "bars" in music  
-BPM is currently set to a value, but dynamically modifyable trough MIDI (&  
GUI soon)
-Resampling means that the pitch of loops will go up / down depending on  
playback speed

I've fixed the pitch issue using the SoundTouch library, however it  
glitched & popped quite
a bit too much. Either a better implementation using SoundTouch, or else  
I'm going to use
libRubberBand, which seems to be the more widely used timestretch library.

Due to the resample to "bars" code, if you record some material, but not to  
precise bars lengths
it will be resampled (just a little bit) but will sound aweful in the  
harmonic sense :(

See the following issue: https://github.com/harryhaaren/Luppp/issues/2

Cheers, -Harry
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