[LAD] LMMS Trippleoscillator, LV2/linuxVST-version possitiblity?

Paul Giblock pgiblox at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 16:51:09 UTC 2012

I am actively working on the LV2 version of LMMS plugins right now.
LB303 is partially complete.  I need to finish implementing one of the
filters and add support for pitch-bend.  Other than that, it is
basically done.  My current focus is on TripleOscillator because you
(Gabbe) explicitly asked for it.

Note: all of my plugins at https://github.com/pgiblox/lmms-lv2 are
alpha. The arrangement of ports is expected to change.  THESE PLUGINS

One thing I'm doing with this package is creating both modular units,
and lmms-style instruments.  Expect to see a reusable
envelope-generator, arpeggiator, and filter.  Also expect to see
individual "Triple Oscillator", "LB303", etc.. synth units.  You can
wire these up however you like in a host such as Ingen.  For
convenience, there will also be an instrument version of each plugin,
so "Triple Oscillator Instrument" will have midi-in, support polyphony
(voice allocation), and contain all the envelope generators, filter,
amplifier, etc, all bundled into a single plugin (Just like in LMMS).

> What's the state of LB303? I'm trying to use it but I guess it's not done
> yet? Just checking if I'm just too noob to make it work =)

What are you experiencing? I realize the behavior will not be
equivalent with the LMMS version at the moment, but you should at
least get some noise. It "Works" (at least as I'd expect it to) just
fine in zynjacku.


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