[LAD] Updates & beta testers wanted

Fons Adriaensen fons at linuxaudio.org
Thu Jan 26 22:34:42 UTC 2012

Hello all.

Some updates available on

Zita-resampler is a C++ library for sample rate conversion of
audio signals. Full documentation is available in HTML format,
see the 'docs' directory.

Release 1.1.0  (26/01/2012)

* VResampler class added - provides arbitrary and variable
  resampling ratio, see docs.

* This release is NOT binary compatible with previous ones
  (0.x.x) and requires recompilation of applications using it.

* This release is API compatible with the previous one. But if
  you are using the now deprecated filtlen() function please
  replace this by inpsize() which provides the same information. 

* The inpdist() function has been added, see docs.

* The ratio_a() and ratio_b() calls have been removed, if this
  is a problem (I'd be surprised) they can be added again.

* The include files are now in $PREFIX/include/zita-resampler/.
  Please DO remove any old ones manually after installing this
  version. Compiling using the old includes and linking with
  the new library will create havoc.

* #defines and static functions are added for compile time and
  run time version checking, see resampler-table.h. 

Zita-alsa-pcmi is the successor of clalsadrv. It provides easy access
to ALSA PCM devices, taking care of the many functions required to
open, initialise and use a hw: device in mmap mode, and providing
floating point audio data. 

Release 0.1.1  (26/01/2012)

* This release is almost API compatible with clalsadrv-2.x.x.
  The only changes your source code will need are:

  - Change the include file.
  - Change the type of any objects defined by the library.
  - Replace calls to stat() by state(). 
  - If you want error reporting on stderr, add an optional
    parameter to the constructor. See include file for details.

* Added support for big-endian PCM formats.

* Added support for reading and writing interleaved user buffers.

* Error messages on stderr can be selectively enabled. If an app
  is compiled without them, they can be re-enabled at runtime by
  defining the environment variable ZITA_ALSA_PCMI_DEBUG, so they
  are now by default off. See source code for details.

* Two simple demo programs are provided, one of them is the ALSA
  version of jack_delay. Complete documentation will follow later.

The clalsadrv lib will remain available for some time, but any
new releases of JAAA and JAPA will switch to the new one. Patches
for AMS are being prepared.

Both libraries have been updated mainly to provide the necessary
functionality for two new apps: zita-a2j and zita-j2a. These allow
to add ALSA hw: devices as a Jack client, same as the alsa-in and
alsa-out clients that come with Jack. To see why I wanted something
to replace those, have a look at

Both apps still need some cosmetics but they are in a working state.
I'd want some more testing before they are released. If interested
drop me a line off-list.



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